1. Questionnaire to identify the denominations represented in the Troop. Also, identify any parental support and assistance (or resistance). Our example is attached.

2. Break the Troop into the appropriate groups: God and Church (grades 6-9) and God and Life (grades 9-12) both with Protestant, Catholic and Islamic (or other).

3. Acquire pamphlets for each Scout and leader. Recommend getting at least one extra leader guide for each age group.

4. Find leaders for each group. Confirm current Youth Protection. A diversity of dominations should be utilized if possible. This is a great opportunity to involve some sideline parents.

5. In the late fall, begin program after last spring Cross-overs have earned rank.
Schedule time at the end of the Troop meeting for each session. (Scouts opting not to participate can complete rank requirements)

6. Complete any missed lessons at the family level. Recommend involving the Charter organization for one lesson.

7. Award in February on Scout Sunday or at spring Court of Honor. First year earns a patch knot, the second year the Scout earns a medal.

**Attachments to this page include a PDF provided by BSA explaining the program and awards available and a PDF created by Pete Metzloft for Wood Badge NE-IV-108 assisting with actual worship services.


BSA Faith pdf

Guide to have a Worship Services



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